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45 long colt bear ammo

45 long colt bear ammo 45 Colt standard pressure 1 000 255 grain Keith semi wads. com lt Blazer Ammunition Ballistics Jan 07 2015 According to one version of history they started calling it 45 Long Colt after the introduction of the 45 Scholfield. Package Contents Hornady LEVERevolution . 45 Colt LC Hsm bear Ammo . 45 Long Colt Ammo 454 Casull Ammo 460 S amp W Ammo 50 A. It is one of the more powerful revolver cartridges on the market today and has continued to hold on to its popularity due to its use in hunting medium to large game and Cowboy Action Shooting events. Again looking to DoubleTap they offer . 45 Long Colt used a longer round so units equipped with M1875 Schofields were unable to chamber the longer cartridge. 45 ACP ammo is made by CCI ATK. 45 Long Colt ammo designed for action shooting fires a heavy bullet weighing 250 grains or more at a low muzzle velocity of 750 feet per second. 2 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews 5 ratings Current Price 14. 410 bore quickly lost their novelty but ammunition manufacturers surprisingly latched onto the Judge 39 s versatility and made personal protection ammunition available in . Army first on the plains 45 Colt Winchester 255 Grain Lead Roundnose X45CP2 20. LEVERevolution represents a breakthrough in ammo design Mar 10 2009 Northern California. This was a devastating blow to a tough animal. 45 Long Colt is a copper monolithic hollow point fragmenting round with a weight of 78 grains and a velocity of 1800 FPS delivering almost twice the speed of the traditional round. Used in the prototype Colt. Only top quality components such as the brass powder primer and bullets are used in all of the manufacturing processes. Home My Account Login Logout 38 Long Colt. Specialized cowboy action ammo Huge selection low recoil and fast target re acquisition is available in The Legend . Buffalo Bore also provides data for the Marlin 1894 with their 45 Colt P ammo and state that they are safe to use in the Marlin 18954 even their dangerous game 45 Colt P load. Buffalo Bore. The Difference between the two. 454 Casull and venerable . But I discovered from Wikipedia that the Judge can be damaged by ammo that has an energy output equal to 44 magnum about 1000 ft lbs. 45 Colt 31. The cylinder was a bit too short to shot the 45 Colt. In fact much of today s . 45 Colt. Mar 03 2008 The . 55. 45LC P 260GR. 45 Long Colt 325Gr. These cartridges will chamber and can be fired in any . If you did go 454 I would check out the Magnum Research BFR. 38 Special Ammo. Velocity 690 FPS. 45 Long Colt 23 Oct 2019 What 39 s better for a bear back up gun a magnum revolver or a 10mm auto and I have killed and seen killed in the range of 45 black bears and 16 grizzlies His initial body hits with personal defense ammo may not have nbsp 21 May 2020 45 Long Colt. 45 Colt P 45 Long Colt . Fax 406 777 3908 44 Colt Ammo 44 Magnum Ammo 44 Remington Magnum Ammo 44 Russian Ammo 44 S amp W Special Ammo 44 40 Winchester Ammo 444 Marlin Ammo 45 ACP Ammo 45 Auto Rim Ammo 45 Colt LC Long Colt Ammo 45 GAP Ammo 45 Schofield Ammo 45 Super 480 Ruger. 45 Long Colt. 11 Read more WIN AMMO SUPER X . I know there are 45 Colt reloads that are not recommended for the S amp W model 25 Long Colt revolvers but ARE recommended for Ruger Blackhawk single action revolvers. bullet struck the bear broadside in the left shoulder. Please make sure to read the title and description of the item. Colt Made 45 Long Colt Wax Bullets Remington U. This specially developed load has been expertly crafted from only the best of components. 45 Colt Magnum P. Ammunition suitable for the . 56mm ammunition by Prvi Partizan of Serbia Lot PPU 0503 07. Bullet Weight 325 Gr. 45 Colt Ammo . Shipping not included but for 75 I will ship it as well. This is excellent ammunition you nbsp 12 May 2011 I know there are better ways of avoiding being eaten by a bear then The . 45 Colt I am sure the Marlin and Winchester leverguns in 45 long Colt will alsoespecially since both easily handle the 44 mag round in the heavy commercial loads. This cast bullet is perfectly suited for hard hitting and massive terminal penetration and stopping power. 45 long colt ammo or . 41 mag . HSM Bear Ammunition 325 grain lead wide flat nose P 1155 fps 963 ft lbs. The firearm is a 45 colt built on a sized down version of my own falling block action. 45 Colt P 45lc 410 45 lc The . John Linebaugh uses a 255 1650gr. Army in 1873 and served as the official US military handgun cartridge for 19 years. 45 Colt round as 45 Long Within 45LC Long Colt you can currently find some of the following products 45 long colt aguila 200gr lfp lead flat point ammo 50rd box. Choice Ammunition Bear Defense 45 Long Colt P 325gr WFN Handgun Ammo Their Hard Cast Lead bullet for the . 45 LONG COLT 255GR You MAY find standard . 452 quot and smaller bullets. Aug 08 2018 As with the 45 Colt the 45 70 cartridge goes back a long way. It was the most popular pistol cartridge us in the old west. 45 Schofield came about due to a gun made in 1869 by S amp W. The Durability Difference. This handgun is an ode to the handguns of old but with a punch that outmatches most. It is sometimes although incorrectly The . Find Bulk 45 70 ammunition fast and cheap with Americas best ammunition search engine. 45 pistol and eventually the M1911 pistol adopted by the United States Army in 1911. 19 Feb 2018 Using a pistol to defend against bear attacks seems to be a viable option. 45 S amp W Schofield it was only an unofficial designation by Army quartermasters. 84 Read more Atomic 00444 Pistol 45 Colt LC 250 gr Bonded Match Hollow Point 50 Bx 10 Cs 46. Your 230 gr. The Casull round has a slightly longer and stronger case . Features 20 Rounds per Box 20 Boxes per Case. The cowboy loads are too mild for general usefulness and . 45 Auto ACP Ammo The . 45 Colt will do against a bear it s more a matter of how well with the person do against a bear with the Colt. Oct 27 2018 Hornady has a 200gr XTP HP bullet w cannelure you can use in your 45 Colt. 45 LONG COLT 325GR. 45 colt a good 45 colt 255gr load best 45 70 handloads best cowboy loads for the 45 long colt best loads for 45 colt best powder for 45 colt best powder for 45 colt loads best powder for fast colt . Find the best . Specifications. 38 makes more of a quot ping. Pests can be hard to hit problems. 38 Long Colt 38 Short Colt 38 Special 38 Super Brown Bear 7. 45 acp is a big bore defensive caliber period. Buy your . Sorry but this item is currently unavailable. 45 Colt . Dec 04 2011 Overall maximum cartridge length for the . The original loading for the 45 Colt was a 250 55 gr lead bullet with 40 grs Black Powder and out of a 7 1 2 quot barrel would do 900 to 1000 fps and was one if not the most powerful pistol until the mags game along. 45 LC ammo loaded in a single shot revolver The 45 Long Colt was developed in 1872 in partnership by Colt and the Union nbsp i saw HSM ammo make a 45 LC bear load and hornady makes the leverevolution ammo Logged. 45 Colt Ammunition Also known as 45 long colt . 99 20. 44 Magnum pressures in gun systems suitable for such loads. 59. 45 Colt often called . 45 70 Government into a flat shooting or long range cartridge but it does noticeably improve the ballistics. 45 Colt Redhawk is an excellent vehicle for Heavy Duty Hunting Loads and now can be carried so much easier and in fact it becomes one of the easiest packin 39 portable powerful double action sixguns for those hiking backpacking or fishing in bear country. Other FEATURES2 Taurus Judge And Any Smith amp Wesson Revolver Caliber . 45 Colt Ammo collection 45 Long Colt 45 Schofield 454 Casull 50 AE 500 S amp W Magnum 7. Referred to by many as quot The Gun That Won The West quot the Single Action Army was chambered in the iconic . 452 quot diameter over the 180gr and. 308 Winchester Ammo. Far more convenient far more practical and far more effective. 45 Long Colt Ballistics cartridge. Liberty Ammunition s. 04 28. 45 Colt loads at Cabela 39 s Gander Mountain but I doubt you will see it at the big box stores. 44. Available in 45 Long Colt with a ten shot tubular magazine. WFN Gas Check 20 Pack Mar 18 2015 The new. 62x39 196gr Subsonic Compare 45 70 ammo from the top online retailers to find the lowest price. HSM 45 Long Colt 300gr XTP Bear Load P New Ammo 50 Rounds. UPC 810742026431 . 45 pistol the. 30 06 and other cartridges the . Ammo . 45 Long Colt or . I will define a tough killing job for a revolver with the following example reliably kill large bear elk bovine boar ext. 99. 00 4d 10h 53m 16511446 Colt Black Diamond . Aug 23 2011 45 colt load data sammi soec 45 colt loads 45 colt sammi spec hunting loads 8 grains of unique best target load for a . 17 Hornet Ammo 204 Ruger Ammo 22 Hornet Ammo 220 Swift Ammo 22 250 Rem If you are looking at a lighter bullet then the lightest that I would go on the . 45 Colt Pistol Ammo. 45lc ammo was the blueprint by which the 454 Casuall round was developed. I 39 d stay away from anything marked marketed as 39 Ruger Only 39 . Sep 18 2020 How well will a Colt 45 long colt do against a bear It s not a matter of how well the . In addition it is able to take modern loads which will make it useful for game such as deer and black bear. While it is sometimes referred to as . 45 Colt 37. Compare 45 colt ammo from the top online retailers to find the lowest price. 40 caliber bullet of 200 grains traveling at 1000 fps. Jul 07 2011 S amp W Governor 45 Colt 45 ACP 410 Shotshell six shot revolver shown with Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake holster. 45 Colt was introduced in 1873 as a black powder round for the Colt Single Action Army revolver and was an immediate hit with all comers. Known as 45 Colt or. 16 47. 45 round has good ballistics with a muzzle velocity of 840 fps. 45 ACP self defense ammo with plenty of stopping power. 2000 other features not suitable for use in the following revolvers colt ssa colt cowboy colt anaconda ruger redhawk ruger new vaquero post 2004 . 4500length 3. See Price in Checkout. 500. For this intermediate level between standard 45 Colt at 14k psi and Ruger only 30K CUP you will need to load your own. 45 long colt 325gr. 45 long colt ammo as well. M. 45 Colt 250 Grain LFN Rounds. The double action trigger pull is very smooth on this Redhawk and measured eight pounds eleven ounces. 5bbl with the 180gr ammo or a ruger new vaquero 5. Model Fit 20. This is maximum pressure or P for the 44 mag it is a quot modern guns only quot 45 colt P load and a down loaded 454 Casull load. 45 Long Colt has been one of my favorite pistol rounds through the nbsp 45 Long Colt 260gr JHP. Blazer Brass. 45 long colt s amp b 250gr lfn ammo 50rd box. For my money I 39 d trust a 285 gr bullet with. This would be ammo for a specific purpose bear nbsp 94 Items 45 Long Colt ammo has been used as hunting round for deer and black bear. This load averaged about 805 fps from the Vaquero. Current catalog listings of compatible handguns list the caliber as . The factory hot . Weight gr 220. 95. Paul 39 s Patreon https www. 45 Super. Amazon. 410 Single review offers the following information This rugged compact beast with an extended rubber grip has big stopping power when you need it. The 45 Long Colt or 45 Colt found it s way into the famed Single Action Army revolver and the famous Winchester Lever Action rifle. These loads developed muzzle velocities of up to 1 000 ft s 300 m s . This is a hunting load using a 225 grain LeverEvolution Flex Tip FTX bullet. This means that you do not need to start over when buying a new variation. 460 S amp W Magnum is a longer version of the . Sell your 45 long colt for FREE today on GunsAmerica Model Grizzly Bear SKU BAGR Caliber . 85 x 2. 25. Mag. Dec 12 2018 Defensive loads for shotgun in a . In 1873 when the Army bought half of their guns from Colt and the rest from S amp W they used Schofield ammo in both and basically let the 45 Colt die Aug 13 2014 In a strong gun like a Ruger the . 285 . 05 x 6. 29. Some call it quot the best of both worlds quot . Briefly the Cor Bon quot . Jun 28 2017 The. WFN Gas Check 50 PackOther FEATURES Not Suitable For Use In The FOLLOWING Revolvers Colt Ssa Colt Cowboy Colt Anaconda Ruger Redhawk Ruger New Vaquero Post 2004 . 19 0 31. 20 LBS. 1000 Round Ammo Can of 5. 00 44. sellier amp bellot in stock 0. The round was loaded into some of the most famous weapons not only of the west but of all time. 45 Colt originally was a black powder cartridge but most of modern loadings use smokeless powder. Sep 19 2014 If this is the case you could run any 45 Colt up to about 22k PSI and still be safe. It was also chambered for the . Jul 18 2018 In short it 39 s a fantastic choice for. Narrow Your Search. By the standards of the day when it arrived in 1873 and even to this day the 45 Colt was and is a powerful cartridge. 45 Colt ammo made so comparing this with the others is a bit misleading. 45 LC and . 45 Colt Long Colt 225gr Flex Tip eXpanding 20 Box. 45 Long Colt in favor of the . It s easy to push a 300 grain bullet to 1200 plus fps. 45 Long Colt to differentiate between the two. 45 LC to differentiate it from the very popular. 45 Long Colt load for 2009. 45 round became known as the . 10 Gauge 17 Rem Fireball Dec 05 2019 The 45 Colt also predates the 38 Special the 44 Special and the 45 ACP and not only is it more than 80 years older than the 44 Magnum but it also has more case capacity and in the proper sixguns can outrank the 44 Magnum. From 45 yards the 540 gr. 45 Long Colt P Premium Ammunition from Grizzly Brings a Higher Level of Performance to Shooters. If you want the newest and most exciting lever gun ammo consider the Hornady LEVERevolution Centerfire Handgun Ammunition. However it is not a magnum. 45 Win For traditional ammo with P and P strengths use Supercharged. 45 LC ammo can be reloaded to magnum level power and still have less recoil. 45 LC to differentiate it from the very popular and ubiquitous . 96 Read more BUFFALO BORE AMMO . Seeing that types of . The Circuit Judge will quickly become your go to gun whether it is for home defense hog hunting or plinking. 380 Auto. 406 777 2106. 45 long colt federal 225gr swchp ammo 20rd box. 44 magnum in power but one can handload the . 45 Long Colt Ammunition. 410 shotshells ammunition without changing cylinders or barrels. 45 long colt 325 Grain wfn gas check 50 Rounds HSM Oct 18 2020 . Feature Oct 18 2020 Bear Ammunition. Wfn Gas Check 50 Pack. 45 ACP and historically the shorter Bond Arms Papa Bear 45 Long Colt . HSM Ammunition. Mar 17 2015 The . 45 Long Colt both terms refer to the handgun caliber developed by the United States Army that is now primarily used by handgun hunters. patreon. The 45 long colt ammunition is the oldest caliber still in common use. 45 LONG COLT 255GR. 45 Colt 225gr. Order HSM Bear . Army in 1873 and served as an official US military handgun cartridge for 14 years. 45 Long Colt. left and. 45 bvac . quot Bulk . 452 . Jan 11 2019 The . 45 Colt ammunition still is since one of the most popular uses for it is cowboy action shooting. 45 Long Colt is also popular among sport shooters especially with the growing popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting. Because this bullet is gas checked and properly lubed it will NOT lead foul barrels. HORNADY XTP 20 PACK. 285 quot Width 0. 5 p r Blazer Brass. 45 Colt and went on to inspire the development of many other single action revolvers of the time. 223 Remington 11 17 HMR 1 22 Long Rifle 2 22 Mag WMR 1 224 Valkyrie 1 Buy Right To Bear Ammo CCI Shotshell 45 Long Colt 140gr No. com Search Engine 2020 May 25 2009 In short you are risking your life by depending on a . . 45 Colt Ballistics Chart to determine the specific flights of your . Priced per 25 round box. Shell Count P nbsp Cheap . Sellier amp Bellot . 45 Colt BBALogo 45 COLT ANTI PERSONNEL STD. When first invented it was propelled by black powder. 45 Long Colt . 45 ACP was designed to mimic the . org At 20 23K psi you can expect 650 750 ft lbs with a 285gr bullet in 45 Colt depending on barrel length. Larger More Photos. If I was loading bear ammo I would load a good quality cast bullet from 300 to 325 grains. Ammo 500 S amp W Ammo Rifle Ammo . 1000 Round Case of 5. 45 long colt Gun Ammunition And Magazine Pouches Sports amp Outdoors Oct 27 2007 A rule of thumb for pistol hunters that I remember seeing so long ago that I can 39 t recall the source was . Sportsman 39 s Guide is your source for all things Ammo and Shooting. Choose Selections for Pricing. 99 1. Buy a 45 long colt online. The military and law enforcement still use the ammo. 45 long colt american cowboy 200gr lfp 50rd box. 45 Long Colt revolver with the ammunition it needs right HSM Ammunition Bear Load 325 gr Hard Lead Wide Flat Nose Gas nbsp By that standard a good heavy power . 45 Long Colt 325 Grain Wide Flat Nose Ammo JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It would have been more logical to call the Schofield the 45 Short Colt but when have you seen anything logical in the naming of cartridges. 45. Developed as a load to protect hunters while hunting or traveling in bear country this American made ammunition is sure to keep you safe with its extreme terminal performance and stopping power. Just use a good bullet and pick your shots. From what was said in another thread there are a few more types that can be used same calibers but different loads. 45 Long Colt vary all the way from 300 to 1200 ft. Posts 10 109 but I am out of ammo now. 45 Long Colt 45 Colt 45 Colt P . 1500caliber . 0000boxes per case 10 Jun 01 2008 The . HSM Bear Load 45 Colt 325gr WFNGC 20rd Box. 40 The . FTX Pistol Ammo 20 Rounds. PRESSURE LOW FLASH Jul 10 2017 Much like . The original . quot With the introduction of the Taurus Judge the . 45 LONG COLT 200GR. 454 in diameter and the 44 Mag shoots bullets . Purchase 45 Long Colt Ammo at SGAmmo. Pistol Ammunition. 99 Oct 23 2019 How to Pick the Right Sidearm for Backup Bear Protection Two experts square off on their picks for the ideal bear defense handgun By Will Brantley Bryce M. WFN GAS CHECK 50 PACK 59. We carry the full line of ammo from HSM Ammunition. 45 Colt ammo. 45 Long Colt cartridge in the very strong Ruger quot This is NOT plinking ammo this load should only be used in those guns that have the steel to handle the power. HSM 39 39 s Bear Load delivers incredible terminal performance on the biggest angriest and most aggressive animals when it matters most. Manufacturers. 90. 45LC makes a very satisfying quot gong quot sound while the . Jug Test Chronograph Results and Water Expansion Test of the 225 Gr. 38 . These include FEDERAL 45 LC 225GR SWC HP 20PKT The. 99 2. Everything from custom match grade to bulk plinking ammo can be found at low Midsouth prices. 45 ACP. The Colt 45 and 44 Mag were tested durability by shooting 6000 bullets continuously for two days. 45 Colt Hollow Point at the guaranteed lowest prices Use our . wfn gas check 50 pack dimension 2. NOT AVAILABLE IN MASSACHUSETTS Most of the load results were taken from a 5 5. Their shotshell options are excellent answers at short range. 45 Long Colt Revolvers for Sale 45 LC Handguns Hinterland Outfitters Mar 07 2016 A long cylinder which allows individuals the capability to shoot either . It may not match the exact item that you are looking at. 45 P Long Colt 300 Grain SP Handgun Ammo 50 rounds available at a great price in our . 410 Sportsman s Guide has your HSM Bear Load . 45 Colt or . 45 LC or 11. Cartridge Overall Length in 1. 510 at the rim and the 30 30 R P nickel brass measures . 45 Colt Selway Armory CCI Blazer . 45 loads most Colt CCI BLAZER 45 200 GR JHP 3584 CENTERFIRE AMMO AMMUNITION CENTER FIRE CARTRIDGES JACKETED HOLLOW POINT 420 8 . Long Guns . E. 45 long colt 325 Grain wfn gas check 20 Rounds 45C 7 N20 View Out. Trimming can be easily accomplished with a manual case trimmer but being basically lazy I used Hornady 39 s new Lock N Load power case trimmer to whittle cases down to size. Maximum Expansion. Tracers Winchester 45 Gatling Gun Blanks It manufactures over 1. 19 Read more middot GREAT LAKES AMMO . 5 . Product 544894. 45 Long Colt ammunition for sale. Each manufacturer may very. See full list on americanhunter. 512 quot Average FPS 915 Average Energy 442 Average Gr 238 Recoil 0. Aug 24 2020 Stalked and shot this 300 plus bear opening day of season this fall. He down loads the 454 to prevent bullets from jumping crimp a common fault with some guns. 45 ACP ammo for sale by Silver Bear . 410 shells in it most of the time but I want to keep some more powerful rounds in case of something like a bear attack. I just worked up a load for my Rossi Circuit Judge I finally got em to group ok but it took a lot of trips to the range. I fire . New brass may require neck sizing for use with. 410 Sabot and . 22 20 This is a classic 45 Colt lead bullet load although perhaps not as strong as it once was. 454 Casull that also shoots the 39 weaker 39 . 45 ACP Ammo 7. Also depending on your laws a 10mm puts out a very stout bullet out of a semi automatic along with the . 45 would be a 225 grain one. Those P rounds kicked the crap out of me anyway. Bear amp Dog Spray Bear Bangers amp Flares 45 ACP 45 GAP 45 Long Colt 450 Bushmaster 45 70 Government Ammunition By Calibre . 45 ammo for hunting self defense and practice shooting. HSM Ammunition HSM 45C 7 N. 45 Long Colt was the cartridge used in the Colt Single Action Army also known as quot The Peacemaker. Bullet Style Lead WFN Gas Check. Remington HTP Copper . 45 Colt 200 Grain Lead Flat Nose New Brass Cased Reloadable Muzzle Velocity 636 fps Perfect for Target Shooting Training amp Plinking 45 Long Colt I sure hope you post what you come up with as I am needing all the info I can get on the 45 Long Colt. Lastly my Hornady loading manual also states that Ruger only 45 Colt loads are safe to use in the Marlin 1894. It is a legitimate big bore heavy hitter which tends to drop targets in the way a heavy wave would instead of a sharp punch like the 10mm the . Lead WFN Gas Check Box of 5 Nov 16 2016 The standard 45 Long Colt ammo that is sold on the market is manufactured to safely shoot in the many weak black powder era handguns that are still out there in modern shooter 39 s hands. 30 30 Winchester Ammo. 00 round Buy Online Pick Up In Store Only Limit 2 Product Title MTM Handgun Ammo Wallet . Reloading 50 rounds of 45 Long Colt with cast bullets from start to finish HD nbsp 11 Aug 2019 It 39 s not a matter of how well the . armed forces over a century ago. 45 Long Colt Filter Results. 45 shotgun pistols and 3 jacketed hollow point self defense cartridges. Many revolvers are still chambered in the 45 Long Colt today. 45 Long Colt 325 Grain WFN Gas Check Bear Load Ammo. C. It is NOT a hunting round. 45 long coltbullet type hollow pointbullet weight in grains 250 grainscartridges per box 20. Please Note Ultramax is no longer in business. 357 Magnum when he was only a freshman in high school. 45 Colt Winchester Super X Centerfire Pistol Ammunition CASE 500 ROUNDS 45 Long Colt Silvertip HP 225 GR 20 Rd bx 39 sWinchester 45 Long Colt 225 Grain Silvertip Hollow Point Offers a unique combination of power precision reliable functioning and on target performance. In territory that could prove to be treacherous in a heartbeat it pays to be ever vigilant and always ready. I own a Ruger 45 Colt Convertible so I can shoot most of the hot 45 LC rounds and any 45 ACP round including the 45 Super. The difference between the . Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. Whether for home defense hog hunting or plinking the Circuit Judge will quickly become your go to gun. Reviews 1. 45 Colt 78. A rimmed cartridge that generally comes in bullet weights ranging anywhere from 200 grain to 250 grain with some specialty rounds even tipping the scales at 325 grain. 5 billion rounds of centerfire ammunition per year. 45 Colt is expensive and generally limited to three types 1 very light cowboy loads 2 loads for . Lead 45 Colt Centerfire Handgun Ammunition The 45 Colt 45 Long Colt was introduced in 1873 in Colt 39 s Single Action Army. Heavy . 45 Colt Long Colt . Towsley Tyler Freel and John B. WIN AMMO SUPER X . Simple efficient good. c45lca 45 long colt s amp b 230gr jhp ammo 50rd box. Dec 08 2017 Left to right are three stout wheelgun cartridges The . Range was 20 yards. Even the cowboy 45 Colt loads kill deer easy when you put the bullet in the vitals. Find Bulk 45 colt ammunition fast and cheap with Americas best ammunition search engine. 69 List List Price 19. Material 325 gr. 45LC 300GR SIERRA JSP 20 PACK 45 Colt HANDGUN AMMO 45 COLT Handgun Ammo Stock Box amp Bulk Quantity Available. Jul 08 2010 I have a Taurus Judge that I love. 45 ACP Ammo Designed by John Browning in 1904 the. The Ruger is a nice Well I picked up some Buffalo Bore heavy . Stevensville MT 59870. 44 Rem. Wfn Gas Check 50 Pack HSM Bear Ammo . Polymer Tipped 3 HSM quot Bear Load quot . However the rim of 45 Colt has the same length as 44 Mag which is 1. 45 Long Colt ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. Offering firearms safety certification and firearms training required for Mass permits LTC Class A LTC Class B or FID Card. Mr. Jul 31 2019 Additionally the nbsp 24 Jul 2020 Herter 39 s Target Handgun Ammo offers shooters quality ammunition at affordable prices. 45 LC P loads are usually slightly below the factory hot . 380 ACP Ammo. Loaded with 15 Brinell Hard Cast Gas Checked lead bullets HSM s Bear Load ammunition is for those situations where you want the maximum penetration to stop game NOW Technical Information Caliber . You 39 re right the 629 Mountain gun is produced in 44 magnum but the 45 Colt throws a 255 grain slug at around 900 fps which is a fairly potent load. 45 Colt will do against a bear it 39 s more a matter of tests melt down tests cycling low quality ammunition and overall reliability Features 20 Rounds per Box 20 Boxes per Case. For bear I 39 d be more comfortable with a . Open Expanded View . Also there are a lot of variations in critters in the lower 48 you may be okay with a factory load in . 30 06 Springfield Ammo. 45 Colt is not the hottest . Tritium front and notch rear sight. 45 Long Colt . 50 Round Box 45 Long Colt 200 Grain Lead Bullet Magtech Cowboy Action Load 45F. Call Store for Price. Caliber Cartridge. Boolit went in thru the tricep muscle and exited the mid ribs on the offside. Ballistics. 45 Colt loaded to peak performance will do the job. Developed as a load to protect hunters while hunting or traveling in bear country this American made ammunition is sure to keep you safe with its 18 Apr 2020 Buy Choice Ammunition Bear Defense 45 Long Colt P 325gr WFN Handgun Ammo 20 Rounds at Sportsmans Warehouse online and nbsp 10 Jun 2019 P Bear Load in the Chiappa Model 1892 lever action rifle. 45 70 retains great popularity among American hunters and is still offered by several commercial ammunition manufacturers. Muzzle Velocity 1700 fps nbsp 8 May 2019 Went shooting with my buddy yesterday and one of the guys we brought was my Blackhawk in 45 colt. 45 Long Colt Ammo For Sale The . 45 S amp W. 45 Super Ammo 45 60 Winchester Ammo 45 70 Government Ammo 45 75 Winchester Ammo 45 90 Paul tests the effectiveness of 45 ACP for defense against large wild animals. 45 Colt P Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. 00 0 37. BbarnesLogo BUFFALO BARNES LEAD FREE Standard Pressure Hvy . It saw service with the U. Buffalo Bore Ammunition 45 Colt Long Colt P 260 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 1450 fps Muzzle HSM Bear Ammunition 45 Colt Long Colt P 325 Grain Lead Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Box of 50. com. 45 ACP TUI will punch straight through the hard thick bony structures of a nbsp Choice Ammunition Bear Defense 45 Long Colt P 325gr WFN Handgun Ammo Their Hard Cast Lead bullet for the . Cage 1A9E5. 33 40. 45 long colt Gun Ammunition And Magazine Pouches Sports amp Outdoors A powerful revolver in a classic engraved style. Cases of ordinance bore the simple marking Pistol 45 caliber. 45 ACP Ammo AmmoForSale. Brenner then put three more bullets into her head. This . Model 45C 7 N20 Condition Factory New Bud 39 s Item Number 713087786 . bc description action quot new description quot Technical Information Caliber 45 Colt Long Colt Bullet Weight 250 Grains Bullet Style Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator Case Type Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 1400 fps Muzzle Energy 1088 ft lbs bc description action quot end description quot These loads are saf If so buy Casull ammo. Number of Projectile. The Bullet . 45 lc bear load can the tauris judge shoot 45 lc 300 gr bear FEATURES 50 pack . 45 Long Colt 325gr. Defensive loads for shotgun in a . Cost 28. Item 3A Exterior Ballistics Charts for several Muzzle Velocities. 45 long colt ammo bvac 300 gr bear load taurus judge bvac 45 colt bvac 45 long colt bvac 45 long colt ammo bvac ammo review bvac ammo reviews bvac ammunition review bvac bear load bvac. This cartridge was adopted by the U. If you need one and don t have one you ll probably never need one again Hsm bear Ammo . F. Rifle Ammo. 45 Colt could only be fired in the Colt. 45 Colt center still stacks up well against younger big bore behemoths the. 1000 width 3. 45 Colt cartridge which is sometimes called . 45 long colt bvac . 45 Long Colt LC ammo for sale at wholesale prices. 21 23. quot There is of course no such caliber. Best to stick with non cowboy loads a couple of hard cast semi wadcutters would do much better to dissuade a bear from getting intimate with your innards. 45 Long Colt is an old cartridge. I have a Colt Clone so I am limited to standard pressure. There are no products in your shopping cart. 00 Specials. Click Image to Zoom. Keegan yes you can shoot . Keith slug at 900 1000fps to take deer out to 100 yards. Based on the legendary Taurus Judge revolver this powerful rifle has the ability to fire both 410 shotshells and 45 Long Colt ammunition without changing cylinders or barrels. . Early Metal Patched Bullet Remigton 45 A. Our. great lakes ammo . Suitable bullets should be flat nose solids not hollow points. I 39 ve owned a few 454s 45 Colts 44 Mags as well as a 460 and 500 S amp W. Civilians give high marks to . 45 inches which is similar to its name. Description The 45 Colt loaded to it 39 s potential in modern revolvers is a great hunting bear load. 45 70 ammo and it will provide all the nbsp This ammunition is also called 45 Long Colt or 45LC. Reviews Questions amp Answers. Wfn Gas Check 50 pack GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Ammunition Ammunition All Apr 17 2016 FWIW if I had a 45 Colt that shot well and I liked it I would look to the 480 Ruger instead of a 454. 5 g lead bullet. 45 colt ammunition is available from 200 to 325 grain bullet weights. Hi Tek coating allows you to enjoy the benefits of a hard cast projectile and the cleanliness nbsp It should be noted that 45 Colt 39 s usually shoot bullets approximately . Hornady Dec 14 2019 45 Colt Brass. Ballistics and Drop for the . A typical round of . Adopted by the U. Shop online For 45 Long Colt pistols and revolvers from top brands like Beretta Bond Arms Colt Ruger and many more. We primarily tested this load to give us a basis for procedure in comparison. com 50 Rounds of 200gr JHP available online. 45 Colt lever action for sale and auction. 45 Colt P Bear Defense load is a gas check 325 grain Wide Flat Nose WFN . 460 S amp W . HSM . 45 Long Colt 68 45 Schofield 1 45 70 Government 39 50 Action Express AE 8 Bear Ammo 7 Berger Bullets 10 Black Hills Ammunition 9 Blazer 205 Jan 02 2012 The 45 Colt Long Colt will actually fire the 45 Schofield short rounds just fine. He said the bear got crazy and ran about 50 feet before it collapsed and died. Sell your 45 Colt lever action for FREE today on GunsAmerica View our range of products in 45 COLT. While it is sometimes referred to as. Click to view price. MFG HSM Ammo 45 LONG COLT AMMO. 357 Magnum Ammo. I. 38 Special. 45 Long Colt and. Ammo Inc 45C250JHPSTR Streak Red 45 Colt LC 250 GR Jacketed Hollow Point 20rd Box Home gt Pistol Ammo gt 45 Long Colt. 38 Special Opinions Please. 0. 45 shot cartridges are of dubious value beyond very short range. 45 Colt also referred to as. Andy HSM Bear Ammunition is loaded with high quality dependable components delivering drastically higher velocities when compared to standard loads. 95 250 1. 45 auto for any bear no matter what ammo you use. These 500 rounds of zinc plated steel cased ammunition are berdan primed and include a 230gr FMJ projectile. more HSM Ammo Bear 45 Colt LC WFN 325 Grain 45C7N Ammo Freedom carries hsm ammunition and centerfire handgun rounds. 5 2x20mm Scope 2 Jan 26 2019 Since the reverse was not true quartermasters began referring to the . 38 Super. 45 long colt 250gr lfn ammo. 34. 454 Casull is an outstanding choice as it provides a good balance of power with manageability. 45 ACP 11. 45 Colt Long Colt Brown Bear 7. Color Wide Flat Nose WFN . Finish 20. Buffalo bores quot standard quot load blows up Colt SAA pistols. Mar 05 2008 45 Long Colt or . Technology. 1100 fps . Whether it is rats snakes or any other pest CCI has developed the industry leading solution. com Plano 100 Count Handgun Ammo Case for . 45 Long Colt P. 45 Colt ammunition include handloaders. 45 Colt ammo is relatively light recoiling and easy to handle a huge plus for rapid accuracy oriented shooting. WFN Gas Check 50 Pack Other FEATURES Not Suitable For Use In The FOLLOWING Revolvers Colt Ssa Colt Cowboy Colt Anaconda Ruger Redhawk Ruger New Vaquero Post 2004 . 45 Colt revolver although they are not safe in the majority of such revolvers. 5 quot BBL. 45 long colt factory ammo for deer 8390852 12 24 13 Joined Jan 2005. Growing up on a ranch in eastern Colorado Seyfried got his first revolver a Smith amp Wesson Model 19 in. 43 33mmR is a rimmed straight walled handgun cartridge dating to 1872. HSM Bear Ammunition 45 Colt Long Colt P 325 Grain Lead Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Box of 50. Our Hard Cast Lead bullet for the . 45 Colt is a great people popper and if loaded warm enough works for bigger problems. TALO TACTICAL sales talotactical. 62x25 Tokarev 9x18 Makarov 44 40 WIN 38 40 WIN HSM Bear Ammunition is loaded with high 45 Long Colt ammo is the round that tamed the west. 480 Ruger to go along with those other two rounds. 45 Long Colt 0 5. 45 Colt these HSM 325 grain Bear Load rounds offer enough stopping power to keep you safe. 57 Read more Winchester Ammo X45CSHP2 Super X 45 Colt LC 225 gr Silvertip Hollow Point 20 Bx 10 Cs 33. 30 30 High Velocity Open Point Bullet Western 348 W. Their ammunition is developed for optimum accuracy and functionality and industry setting tolerances. Leave nothing to chance when traveling through bear country. or Most any hand gunner can handle 500fpe in a Colt SAA or a N frame S amp W the real heavy loads are generally fired from custom long nbsp I have read articles for and against the use of high pressure loads in the . 45 Long Colt and 2. The Governor uses 45 ACP ammo in full moon and third moon clips. 00 4d 12h 23m Hornady LEVERevolution . 20 height 2. Back. 10 x 3. 38 Super are great in their own rights and shooters The . 9 Mar 2009 i got a taurus judge a few weeks ago and when i first looken at the 45lc ammo i was nerves to shoot one. 45 Long Colt 325 Grain WFN Gas Check 20 Rounds. Hornady has announced a new. bear load 45 long colt ammo. Product Specifications. 45 Long Colt ammunition with correspondingly much lighter recoil. 40 200 1000 that is a minimum . Out of Stock. An elegant carbine chambered for pistol calibers. 45 hits like a brick wall and just tends to push the target down forcefully. 454 Casull and . Open Expanded View. 56mm M855 62 Grain Green Tip HSM BEAR AMMO . 410. 454 Casull and the . CCI . 454 ammo driving a 400 grain hardcast bullet at 1 400 ft nbsp Items 1 24 of 30 Feed your . 410 . While it expands well in tests it doesn 39 t penetrate anywhere near as far as the HST ammo. 45 Colt round IS significant 45 long colt for sale and auction. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Steel Case steel 45 Long Colt Pistol Ammunition. We carry 45 Long Colt ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal Remington Winchester Hornady PMC and others. HSM Bear Ammunition is loaded with high quality dependable components delivering drastically higher velocities when compared to standard loads. 45 long colt win 225gr silver tip hp ammo 20rd box. 44 magnum in power. A list of ammo manufacturers and those who make ammunition both here in the United States and abroad. 45 Ammunition . 00 43. 45 Long Colt ammo made by UMC and submitted for military testing used Benet cup primers. 45 Long Colt indicating the difference between it and the shorter Smith amp Wesson Schofield case. com is pleased to offer this . Buy Hsm Bear Ammo . AGUILA AMMO . 431 in diameter. The rules that apply to the building of ammo for other calibers are commonly applied to the 45 70 and consequently tend to limit the caliber s effectiveness. WFN GAS CHECK 50 PACK. 15height 1. 45 Long Colt 230 Grain JHP Box of 50. Breaking the shoulder going through the rib cage on both sides and breaking the right shoulder then exiting the bear. 5bbl with standard 45 39 s Only as long as there was someone slower than me in the group. Exclusive for You 45 Long Colt Bear Defense Ammo And Russian Motorized Rifle Brigade Structure is best in online store. The . Buy 45 Long Colt pistol ammunition on sale online at discount prices in our ammunition department. Pistol Ammo. . It began as a black powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver but is offered as a magnum level handgun hunting round in modern usage. 45 Colt round as 45 Long Colt . The boolit is a 280 plain base with a . 45 Long Colt Offering firearms safety certification and firearms training required for Mass permits LTC Class A LTC Class B or FID Card. The original black powder loads called for 28 to 40 grains 1. HSM Bear Ammo . military in 1875 it served until 1892 when it was replaced by the less powerful and unsatisfactory 38 Long Colt. Precision One 45 Colt Ammunition Cowboy Action 255 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 rounds hsm bear ammo . Strictly big bore. Hornady FTX Bullets 45 Colt Long Colt 452 Diameter 225 Grain Flex Such Cor Bon ammunition boxes are clearly marked quot . 8 Aug 2018 The Heavy . 45 Long Colt is an old cartridge design dating back more than a century. Naming Controversy Long Colt or Colt Aug 05 2020 Secondly the ammo listed for . As long as you practice the Ruger Redhawk is a great bear defense gun. 45 Long Colt a staple of the old west. 38 S amp W. 45 pistol stepped out onto his upper deck took aim and fired seven rounds toward the bear s vitals. 84 Read more middot Atomic 00444 nbsp 45 Colt P loads are NOT intended for the New Model Vaquero small frame and are too long to cycle properly through the Henry Lever Action. HSM Ammunition 45C7N20. 45 Long Colt made by HSM. Each caliber 39 s specially developed load has been expertly crafted from only the best of components. This company is one of the nbsp . Live inventory same day shipping Here are our picks for the best bear defense guns currently on the market. 45 Colt handload in the right . 54 Read more middot HSM BEAR AMMO . 45 LC Background amp History Cowboy action . 70 Sellier amp Bellot Ammunition . 600 inches but the FTX bullet has a long ogive so cases have to be shortened to 1. HSM 45 Colt P Bear Load 325 Grain Lead Wide Flat Nose Gas Check 50 rounds HSM 45C 7 N HSM 45C 7 NBRICK HSM 45C 7 NCASE HSM 45C 7 NX If you have a handgun chambered in . 45 ACP round was used by the US Army in 1911. Trade your Taurus in on a Ruger Dec 18 2016 The 45 Colt is the foundation of many debates occurring daily on the internet and in gun shops around the world. 62x39mm Subsonic 196gr Full Metal Jacket 20 Box. 45 Colt is one of the most powerful commonly available handgun cartridges when loaded with smokeless powder. The case rims on the 30 30 and the 45 long Colt are closethe 45 long Colt WW brass I have measures . 45 Colt Long Colt 225gr Flex Tip eXpanding 20 Box features Hornady 39 s patented FTX bullets which are safe in your tubular magazines. 44 40 ammo cartridge which was initially designed to be fired in a lever action rifle but handguns quickly followed due to the cartridge 39 s effectiveness and versatility. HSM BEAR AMMO . HSM Bear 45 Colt WFN 325 gr 50rd Box. S. The waterproof pack contains 10 boxes of brass case FMJ 55 grain bullets with a 45 long colt 300 grain bear load bvac in circut judge bvac . Description . 45 Colt aka . 45 Long Colt Ammo. The 480 is my favorite of them all. It began as a black powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver but is offered as a magnum level handgun hunting round in modern usage. Be careful though It kicks like a stallion This revolver was a prize in the Christmas Holiday 2015 event. Apr 28 2015 45 Colt Ammunition. 17 Hornet Ammo 204 Ruger Ammo 22 Hornet Ammo 220 Swift Ammo 22 250 Rem Jan 26 2019 Problems arose with acquiring ammunition. 22 LR Ammo. Hornady LEVERevolution . Model 1155 fps. See Price in Cart. It has also been used in several lever action rifles produced by companies nbsp 6 Aug 2018 The . 45 Long Colt P Bullet Type WFN Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Black Hills 45 Colt 250gr RNFP ammunition for sale at Ventura Munitions. or 45 Auto by SAAMI is a cartridge designed by John Browning in 1904 for use in his prototype Colt semi automatic . LEAD RN 20 PACK 28. hornady xtp 20 pack. 0500 length 6. In this case a homeowner in Alaska used a . The addition of the word Long irritates some shooters but ammo companies use both names interchangeably. These loads are safe to use in ANY 45 Colt firearm and are much more powerful than ordinary 45 Colt ammo. 45 Colt cartridge is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. For what it 39 s worth Federal also makes the Guard Dog line of ammunition which is another interesting choice for self defense. 45 Long Colt Cartridge Type Height 1. We also carry 45 Long Colt ammunition. 01 18. 45 Long 255gr Lead SWC . It also is officially a low pressure round and only select firearms are capable of handling the pressures of modern P ammunition including our Bear Load. 45 ACP and historically the shorter . com user u 5769301 This video was edited a The . 45 Long Colt or. Is the 45 Colt Still Useful New Ammunition Extends Its Capability How long would the cartridge need to be to generate similar ballistics if it were nbsp Package Contents. I also brought a box of quot bear loads quot made by grizzly. 2 Mar 2019 45 Colt tested across the chronograph and in Clear Ballistics Gel. A gun is like a parachute. 45 Colt and would want something with a little more authority than factory lead ammo. I will call in short term as 45 Long Colt Bear Defense Ammo And Russian Motorized Rifle Brigade Structure For those who are seeking 45 Long Colt Bear Defense Ammo And Russian Motorized Rifle Brigade Structure review. bc description action quot new description quot Technical Information Caliber 45 Colt Long Colt Bullet Weight 250 Grains Bullet Style Full Metal Jacket Case Type Ducta Bright 7a Nickel Plated Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 960 fps Muzzle Energy 512 ft lbs bc description action quot end description quot FMJ FN 45 Long Colt Ammo. Lead free hunting ammo California Condor Zone approved Read this FAQ and order from our Orion product line. 45 70 is a long range caliber and accurate use requires knowledge of windage and elevation by minute of angle and a sense for estimating distance in these calculations. 45 LONG COLT. 215 inches to stay within this length. Midsouth offers great deals on all kinds of 45 Colt Centerfire Pistol Ammo. The reloadable round has a muzzle velocity of 845 fps with a slightly sharper recoil impulse. 45 LC once again became popular as a quot Peacemaker quot and continues to be used for hunting and self defense. Gun Show Appearances Click each location for more details or view the full calendar below. 45 LC to exceed the . Shopping cart. 454 Casull right . Wfn Gas Check Aug 18 2020 45 Long Colt remains popular for use by hunters and sport shooters and can be relied on to drop deer black bear and other game animals. The 3 barrel is chambered to fire. 357. They re built with new brass and wide flat nose bullets that measure a 15 on the Brinell hardness scale so that they deliver enough penetration to stop dangerous animals in their tracks. Matched with the power of the 45 Long Colt the 150 grains of 9 shot is sure to neutralize any pest at short range with less worry of missing. 45 Long Colt . Jun 08 2020 The real diameter of the 45 Colt is . 45 Long Colt can be used for hunting although I would only use it on bear with the right ammo as a last resort. 45 Long Colt rounds out of it for practice if you don 39 t reload. 45 against a brown bear that was trying to get If I am handgun hunting I like a 44 magnum or 45 Colt with 300 grain plus hard cast nbsp Trekking through bear or hog infested terrain has never been safer. Aug 11 2020 A man made headlines recently when he stopped a 250 pound black bear with his Uberti 1866 Yellowboy in . 325 Grain I bought them for my New Vaquero but turns out Old Vaqueros had larger frame for the plus P loads not the new ones. Based on the legendary Taurus Judge revolver this powerful rifle has the ability to fire both. Snow Ultramax Ammunition sold by America 39 s Gun Store. 45 Colt should do fine for whitetail deer at the ranges you mention. HSM Bear Ammo. Jul 13 2012 The . As a long time admirer of the 45 Colt cartridge and the gun that inspired it Colt SAA I am also a great proponent of the original black powder nbsp This 45 Long Colt ammunition is for use ONLY in the Ruger Blackhawk including the original Ruger Vaquero pre 2005 and Ruger Bisley version of the Blackhawk the Thompson Center Contender or any firearm chambered in 454 Casull nbsp Do not use P ammunition in firearms that are replicas of early designs such as rolling blocks Sharps and Colt style single action army revolvers. 45 LC is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. 410 shot shells. 4406 Rathbun Lane. 44 Special or . It was originally a black powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver. Originally designed for use with blackpowder the. Product Family 1001467161. I have a 45 1892 long Colt 20inch octigone barrel made by 45 Long Colt Ammo. 45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP is one of the most iconic ammunition rounds in the U. LEAD SP 50 PACK Jun 16 2017 The nice thing about a . 8 to 2. We sell high quality ammo at discount prices Feel free to browse our wide selection of ready to order bulk ammunition. HSM 39 s Bear Load has been a most popular seller in the HSM line since its introduction in 2011. HSM Bear . 340 quot meplat cast of 50 50 ww pure lead at 1100FPS. Shooters of nbsp 5 Mar 2009 How do standard 45colts stack up as bear protection What would you carry Ruger blackhawk 4. sport shooting ammo 45 colt 250gr lfn Right To Bear. 44 mag and . The commercial load used The . lbs The . Description. 45 LC loads can work very well on black bear not a great choice on Griz though IMO . 28 Jan 2018 The fat 45 70 might look like the superior bear stopper but the 270 There 39 s a chance that extra long bullets won 39 t stabilize perfectly with your nbsp Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 45 Colt is the best 45 colt defense round on the market. These shooters like . With the proper ammunition a Judge would make an excellent bear defense handgun. massive hollow nosed 12 BHN cast bullet with a gas check traveling at the below velocities out of stock real world over the counter firearms. 00 51. 45 Colt ammunition available. If you can not shoot P ammo in your handgun it is not suitable for hunting Cowboy ammo in the 45 Long Colt just does not have enough power. BEAR LOAD 45 LONG COLT AMMO. The Governor uses 45 ACP 45 Colt and 410 Shotshell ammunition. 4295 . 39. great lakes firearms amp ammo. UPC 837306003561. World War One 30 06 Model 1909 Blanks Winchester 348 W. More Information nbsp 40. Brand Name Hunting Shack Ammunition SKU VM70118 Weight 3. 45 Long ammunition in bulk here at Ammo. 45 Long Colt round is a powerful defensive round and well suited for handgun hunters. 45 Price 175. 69 14 . hsm ammunition in stock 0. Just stoke up some 45 colts with heavy hard cast bullets and you re set. 19 46. Type 45 Colt LC . 45 Colt Magnum P quot loads are as follows Cor Bon figures . im a little guy but as shocked my nbsp Our customers have taken large game such as Moose Brown Bear and Cape Buffalo with our Hard Cast and Penetrator loads. hornady xtp 20 packdimension 1. 45 ACP and the . made ammunition is some of the best available for law enforcement officers hunters and shooters of all types. Yes the hot . The. 16. Home Catalog Pistol Ammo For Sale 45 Long Colt Ammo. Load it with the latest . 45 Colt . 45 ACP Auto 230 1m42s 45ACP Silver Bear 230gr FMJ Ammo 50rd Box. 1990 Ford F 800 1974 Ford L 9000 Self nbsp Federal American Eagle 45 Colt 225 gr JSP 50 Rounds . 56 mm 55 Grain FMJ Federal Lake Handgun Ammo Hunting. Most orders ship within 24 hours excludes firearms . It s built with a 3 barrel chambered for 45LC . Grizzly Ammunition 45 Colt Long Colt P 335 Grain Cast Performance Lead Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Box of 20. Smith and Wesson developed the 39 45 Schofield 39 proper name is 45 S amp W . 00 82. 38 special just fine in . 45 Long Colt Ammo by CCI For Sale at BulkAmmo. But if you plan on using it for hunting I would stick with the heavy weights just for retained energy once they get to the target. 44 Magnum ammunition in revolvers and have killed bear very efficiently. note. 700739. 410 Bore Barrel Length 3 quot Material Stainless Steel Finish Matte Stainless Grips Rosewood Extended Sights Blade Front Fixed Rear Overall Length 5 quot Weight 20 oz The compact yet rough looking Grizzly is a new type of Bond Arm gun. 43 23mm Automatic Colt Pistol also known as the . 45 Colt is 1. The man fired eight shots in close quarters finally dropping the intruding bear dead. 45 LC . LeveRevolution JHP Ammo by Hornady in . 45 ACP is an effective combat pistol round combining accuracy and stopping power. 12 per round 0 at this price. 45 Colt brass has been tested to. Wesson 460V may also safely and accurately fire . Browse By. Dec 23 2007 The ejector stroke is plenty long to fully eject the empty brass cases and no sticky extraction was experienced using even the heaviest of . 357 18 Rounds Smoke Average rating 3. 00 51. P. Bullet Type. It is still a highly effective round for personal protection and is found in homes and concealed carry weapons across the country. Speer. Buy a 45 Colt lever action online. gt Get your 45 Long Colt Ammo from our friends at AmmunitionToGo. You can also look at the . Rainier Ore. 358 quot given they both have about the same energy. 68 Read more Winchester Ammo USA45CB Super X 45 Colt LC 250 gr Lead Flat Nose LFN 50 Bx 10 Cs 59. 56 NATO Ammo. Somewhere along the lines of time the standard Colt. Its handy size is punctuated by a quick pointing straight grip stock design and Old West styled adjustable semi buckhorn sights. Also available is a 335 grain WLNGC cast lead bullet with a velocity of 1 175 fps. 45 Colt 250 Grain Long Flat Nose Ammunition. 00 Description This is an unopened 200 round battle pack of PPU M193 5. 45 long colt 250gr. 45 Long Colt 325gr. 44 Magnum or better yet a . The 480 is a heck of round and throws some significant lead down range. Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 50 31 in Stock May 09 2014 Ammo for the . TThis picture is a representation of this item or a of group of items. However the . 45 Colt is sometimes called the . John Moses Browning developed the round for the U. 44 Special and . Trust HSM nbsp This U. 45 Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of . This 45 Long Colt ammunition is for use ONLY in the Ruger Blackhawk including the original Ruger Vaquero pre 2005 and Ruger Bisley version of the Blackhawk the Thompson Center Contender or any firearm chambered in 454 Casull or 460 S amp W. I would trade straight across for regular . Here is one to consider Buffalo Bore Ammunition 45 To those that think a properly loaded 45 Colt is an inadequate bear hunting cartridge a heavy hard cast 45 Colt slug will fully penetrate a cape buffalo and will do the same on elk. 45 Colt Ammo at the best prices around Check out our . 45 Colt with a 150lb Black Bear or a head neck shot on a pig but I shoot . 45 Colt originally was a black powder cartridge but modern loadings use smokeless powder. Trust HSM Bear loads for your protection from dangerous game. We have a great supply of . There are still many vintage and of course replica firearms available in this chambering. 56 mm 55 Grain FMJ Federal Lake Aug 21 2018 Loaded with a special custom blend of powders for extreme accuracy and muzzle velocity you can get Grizzly s. All variations of this weapon share the same Shooting Skill. Long Guns HSM HSM45C7N Bear 45 Colt WFN 325 GR 50rd Box 10 Case 50rd Box Buffalo Bore Ammunition 3J 20 45 Colt Anti Personnel Soft Cast 225 GR The end result is that 9 year old Jason shot a beautiful 8 39 7 quot Grizzly with your 45 70 ammo. 45 x 3. 45 Long Colt 45 Colt is better than 44 Magnum especially if reloading and last but not least should 45 Colt be used for hunting. These loads are also much more powerful than the 410 gauge slug loads you can fire in the Judge. Mar 20 2017 The 45 Long Colt 45LC or 45 Colt has been a favorite of Cowboys the US Army in the late 1800 s and settlers in the Old West since 1872. At this point I don 39 t really see a need for the 45 acp load either personally. 45 Long Colt 325 Grain Wide Flat Nose Ammo at Ammunition Depot online. It is extremely common for shooters to prefer relatively small calibers that produce high velocity and flat long range trajectory. Please check back at a nbsp 27 May 2010 You can get a good 45 Colt that will shoot good bear ammo and use 45 Colt shot rounds that will do as good as a 410 does from a Judge. 45 Colt is a handgun cartridge that was first introduced in 1872 as a black powder round for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver. American Quality Armscor Bear Ammo CCI Ammunition Federal Premium Ammunition Fiocchi Landess grabbed his. 45 Colt Ammo Find out which CCI . 45 Long Colt . 45 Colt P Bear Defense load is a gas check 325 grain Wide Flat Nose Rounds Per Box 20. 223 Rem 5. Caliber 45 Colt P Bullet Wt. 45 Long Colt 200 Gr. The bear spray would be a better bet. 38 Short Colt. 200 Grain Soft Point Winchester 30 W. JHP 20 PACK HSM AMMO PRO PISTOL . Oct 17 2020 This 45 Long Colt ammunition is for use ONLY in the Ruger Blackhawk including the original Ruger Vaquero pre 2005 and Ruger Bisley version of the Blackhawk the Thompson Center Contender or any firearm chambered in 454 Casull or 460 S amp W. 7x28mm 4 9mm 9x19 8 Rifle Ammo. 45 Colt 225 gr FTX LEVERevolution Item 92792 20 Box US Patent 8 161 885 8 413 587 7 380 502. Hornady XTP Bullets 45 Cal 451 Diameter 200 Grain Jacketed Hollow Hornady 39 s 225gr FTX bullet is also designed for use in the 45 Colt and will probably better match the velocities produced by the 225gr factory ammo. Since the reverse was not true quartermasters began referring to the . 200 255gr with 8 9gr Unique is a great plinkin load. The second is these 45 Colt loads are loaded to almost the same pressure about 44 000 psi. 45 Schofield. List Price HSM 45 Long Colt 300gr XTP Bear Load P New Ammo 50 Rounds. To find bulk 45 long colt ammo use the quot Sort By quot toggle at the top of the page. 21. Troy Industries Wolf. Check those 39 heavy 39 loadings from Buffalo bore. I have no misconception this is enough for the low possibility of encountering a Grizzly in Southern Wyoming however I am proficient with my weapon and can unload 5 shots just as Shop online for HSM Bear Load handgun ammunition in 45 Long Colt caliber. Find hsm 45 colt lc ammo for sale online in stock and ready to ship. Maximum firepower bullets. 45 Long Colt P 325 Gr. 454 Casull is that you can shoot . 45 Colt Ballistic Tip or our . 45 Long Colt is still an excellent round. Other fans of . nbsp This doesn 39 t turn the . Look for the brands you trust like Hornady Federal Nosler and more The 45 Long Colt cartridge wasn 39 t the end of the line for this branch of the ammo evolution tree either. 45 Colt 250 1m31s Herter 39 s 45 Long Colt 250 Grain Lead Flat Nose 250 Rounds W Ammo Can Brass Case HRT45D 3 max brass 349. 00 1d 7h 34m 16448679 Colt Black Diamond . 99 19 . 45 Colt was developed by Colt Patent Firearms Company of Hartford and Union Metallic Cartridge company of Bridgeport in the year 1871. Size 963 ft lbs. Belt Size Brass. Our solid copper . In fact I d say there are few better common choices than the 45 colt for bear defense with a handgun. This is correct that all three types of ammo can be used with the Governor. 6 g of black powder behind a 230 to 255 grain 15 to 16. 45 Colt Judge Governor . 460 Magnum revolvers can chamber and fire the three lesser cartridges but again not the reverse. More Details About This Silver Bear 230gr FMJ . Loading image Our price. 45 Colt Ammo. 45 Colt P factory loaded ammunition with precision cast bullets in a 300 grain LFNGC round with a 1 250 fps velocity. 150 Grain Super Speed Western 30 W. t is NOT suitable for the Colt Single Action Army Colt Cowboy Colt Anaconda Ruger Redhawk Ruger New Vaquero post 2004 Taurus Judge any Smith amp Wesson revolvers including the Governor or vintage firearms. 8500width 2. You do Find your best price for 45 Colt Ammo Cheap 45 Colt Ammunition AmmoSeek. These are part of what remain of stock we had purchased from them before they went out of business. 45 Long Colt in Colorado. 4 Handgun Ammo 10 Rounds 19. Manufacturer 45C 7 N. 00 0 78. In 1887 the Frankford Arsenal stopped production on the . 45 Long Colt single action revolvers from a variety of top manufacturers at the lowest prices in stock and ready to ship to you We 39 re here for you. If you shoot at steel plates the . BUFFALO BORE 39 S DEER GRENADE 45 COLT P is a 260gr. Likewise . 45 70 . MPN 45C7N20 UPC 020892224605. 45 LONG COLT 250GR. 45 Auto by C. 45 Long Colt ammunition because it adds to the authenticity of the sport and adheres to its historical aspects. 62x39mm Ammo 9mm Ammo 12 Gauge Ammo All Ammo Calibers Popular Manufacturers Shop All. For many of the larger ammo suppliers in the United States look for detailed reviews and history for the manufacturer including ammunition plant location and available calibers from each particular manufacturer below. Silver Bear. 0. The top 3 debates seem to start with the name or proper nomenclature is it 45 Colt or . Mount Type Big Game. 915. Cartridge 45 Long Colt Grain nbsp 17 Sep 2019 Here are 10 of the very best black bear cartridges three for each hunting with dogs you know that the trail can be long and rough enough to stop a mule. 0 Items Total 0. 45 long colt bear ammo